Announcing the 2018 Write/LA Semifinalists

Announcing the 2018 Write/LA Semifinalists

November 14, 2018 Contest Updates 1


We are officially jumping the gun and naming the inaugural class of Write/LA semifinalists a day early. Congratulations to these hard-working and creative feature and TV writers!

For making it to the semifinals, these writers will each receive a phone call from head judge Tim Schildberger to discuss their scripts after the contest wraps. They’ll also get a professional logline polish from Angela Bourassa and have those loglines posted here and on LA Screenwriter and LiveRead/LA. And that’s in addition to the quarterfinalist prizes.

Congratulations, semifinalists! We’re excited to announce the eight finalists on December 1.

The 2018 Write/LA Semifinalists

Nick Alverson  –  Strength

Ryan Braund  –  Screenplay.exe

Michi Broman  –  Palm Beach Arcade

Natalie DeJohn & Chandra Wicke  –  Room For Rent

Jonathan Dillon  –  Artificial

Jeffrey Field  –  Waiting Games

Michelle Davidson & Jeffrey Field  –  No Man’s Land

Chris Howlett  –  Last Clip

Francisco Infante  –  Safe Rides

Meredith Levine & Andrew Stone  –  The Mentor

Jeff Patneaude  –  Rogues

Jeff Patneaude  –  Point Roberts

Huey Pham  –  The Operator

Leah Pollack  –  Marked

Roger Rosenberger  –  John Camino – Wartime Memories in a World of Peace

Joshua Singer  –  I Call Shotgun

Grace Stewart  –  The Bunkers

Zachary Tomlinson  –  Desert 10

Lou Wollin  –  The Stand-Up

Jenna Wycoff  –  Vamp

Congratulations again! Remember to check back for the finalist announcement on December 1…


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